The ASSU offers funding for Campus Recreation teams, and Student Societies accredited by the College of Arts & Science.

Here is the link to our funding policy. Here you will read the guidelines set out in order to qualify for funding. The ASSU can provide a sum of $250.00 to your group with a general proposal made to the Vice President Internal. If requesting for more than $250.00, your ratified group must present before the Internal Committee.

Please review the funding policy prior to requesting funds and contact the Vice President Internal for more information.

 Click here for a copy of our application form.

In order to qualify for benefits offered by the ASSU, you must qualify as a ratified group in order to be recognized as an official group on campus.

• List of ratified groups under the Arts and Science

How to ratify

(The USSU requires that your group submits a ratification form submitted by your president online, to qualify for ratification. In acceptance for ratification, your group will be entitled to benefits offered by the USSU and recognized as an official campus group. Benefits such as advertising around campus, club space, and others are offered.)