Arts & Science ratified groups promoting events can stop by the ASSU office to get stamps on posters to be hung in Arts and Science buildings.

  • If the University of Saskatchewan Logo or the USSU logo is on the poster, they do not need a stamp.
  • A maximum of 10 posters may be stamped.
  • Posters can be put on any non-departmental bulletin boards in Arts, Thorvaldson, Geology/Biology and Physics (excluding the Arts tunnel).
  • Posters are not to be placed on surfaces other than the bulletin boards. Posters that are not stamped and/or placed on a surface other than a bulletin board will be removed.
  • The ASSU does not stamp advertisements, un-ratified student group posters, or non-student related events

Please contact for more information. Please be mindful that neglecting to acquire approval by the ASSU for your posters will result in your poster’s removal.